New publication on Richmond’s African Diaspora Archaeology


The African Diaspora Archaeology Newsletter has been a mainstay of African and African Diaspora archaeological scholarship since 1990, and recently relaunched from its new home at UMass Amherst (earlier newsletters are still housed on the University of Illinois website here). This month, Ellen Chapman of RVA Archaeology partnered with one of the newsletter editors, Kelley Deetz, and Ana Edwards of the Defenders for Freedom, Justice, and Equality and organizer of their Sacred Ground Historical Reclamation Project, to talk about the potential and importance of Richmond’s African Diaspora Archaeology.

The result was a co-edited edition of the African Diaspora Archaeology Newsletter dedicated to Richmond, including pieces on the struggle to reclaim Shockoe Bottom, how archaeology can be activist, and some of the many Richmond archaeological sites that could be amazing topics for future research on African Diaspora history.

The piece, titled Historical Black Lives Matter: Archaeology as Activism in the 21st Century, can be downloaded and is free and open access to all!